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Smart Nutrition 
in your Hand


Learn how your body reacts to the food
you eat without any effort.

Just connect your smartwatch to and see how your nutrition affects your stress, sleep and recovery. 

Homescreen of nourify, showing automatic meal detection and nutrition score
Bridging the gap between 
Nutrition & Health-Data

Improve your health and wellbeing through smart nutrition

Identify bad habits and ingredients and get rid of them

Get hints on likely sensitivities and insufficient supply of nutrients


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Automatic Meal-Tracking
& Digestive Stress estimation

Each meal is automatically detected based on the health data from your smartwatch. Our algorithm identifies the time of food intake as well as the "Digestive Stress" following that meal. 


You have the choice to either leave this information or enter more meal data to get an overview of how allergens and problematic ingredients affected your Digestive Stress

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Animation of filtering automatically detected meals corresponding to their digestive stress response
Animation, which shows the simplified nutrition tracking with speach to text and ingredient and allergens detection
Simplified Nutrition Tracking

If you want to know why your body reacted the way it did, nourify's AI-powered simplified tracking feature offers just that. All you have to do is speak or type your meal and the AI will provide you with a list of ingredients, allergens, and a rough nutritional breakdown of the meal. 

Most important are the allergens, so you can see if you are sensitive to certain ingredients.

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Screen that gives you an overview of your fasting periods and how your fasting durations correlate with your sleep quality and recovery
Effortless Fasting Tracker
& Link to Health-Data 


With nourify's automatic mealtime detection, you can easily track your fasting periods! Best of all, you can see how fasting affects your sleep quality and recovery. 

You can even analyze how late dinners affect your sleep or how the size of your dinner contributes to a good nightime rest.

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Profile overview, showing a graphical distribution of your digestive stress, meal regularity, fasting length, sleep quality, HRV Score and your activitiy. Furthermore it shows your Likely sensitivities and your general nutrient supply.
Personal Overview,
Sensitivity estimation
& individualized suggestions


The profile overview allows you to see at a glance what you are doing well, what habits or ingredients are not working for you, and what you could improve on.

This feature helps you stay on track with your health and gives you tips on how to stay energized and vital.

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